Right now I am supposed to be writing an essay, but I can’t get myself to type the first sentences because all I can do is think is listen to this song “Innocent” by Our Lady Peace. It completely fits with what my topic in my essay is about, which is One Health, but for some reason, I am just thinking about myself. I flipped my hair and felt very pretty for a moment. Then it made me think….why do I feel pretty but the people I am attracted to appear to not agree?

Shouldn’t I feel ugly because the people I’m attracted to don’t talk to me? I mean so many people say I lack confidence, have self-esteem issues, and I don’t care about my appearance. Yet, I’m sitting here knowing I am pretty instead of thinking I’m ugly.

I mean it doesn’t really matter…it’s not like it’s going to greatly change my life, but it’s something I wanted to get off my chest. this will help me move from my stupid thoughts into the essay that I am meant to be writing.