Last night I was watching Critical Role and one of the characters didn’t know her birthday, so her best friend said her birthday was going to be today. It made me think about birthdays and how people can make it a big deal but also forget about it with their pets or fictional characters.

I play DnD a lot of the time and the characters I play would know their birthdays, but I never think about it. In real life, it’s a day you were born on and everyone else celebrates that day with you, but it’s only a day FOR you until you’re out of your family home.

If the birthday was my day – why would I pay for my dinner? Why would I pay for my drinks? Wouldnt’ someone pays for me to celebrate my day? Why do I have to ask for that in the first place? Also, what if I don’t feel like being around people? Does it always have to be a party if I have friends?

No…but it seems like it does.

I wish birthdays were less about getting older and more about just celebrating that you’re alive. Because life can be pretty cool and you are an interesting person. Might as well celebrate what makes you interesting, even if you share your birthday with someone else, but not at the same time with the same family.

Even if you are a twin.