Today I was working with a child who may have autism. He is three years old and very wild, but an adorable child. He did something with patterns that I thought was amazing…I am not an official teacher, but I was his BHP for the moment so it was awesome in my mind.

I told nearly everyone, including his mother of course, and now I’m sitting here embarrassed that I told everyone. It should have been something for just his mother and that is it. It’s not like I taught him how to do it, it was just a cool thing he did on his own.

For some reason showing excitement for something someone else did to others embarrassed me after the fact. Is it because they were not as excited? Or maybe their expression tells me it’s not something to be excited about…it’s just a given.

I wish I could just only say things to a few people at the moment and not bring it back up. It’s annoying and, in retrospect, embarrassing.