You know when you have an idea and it just wont’ go away?

I have that with a secret santa item. I’m not good at drawing, painting, photoshopping, knitting or sewing, but I have the ideas like I should be. I have these amazing ideas that would look hilarious, or wonderful, on a canvas, in a picture, or knitted, but when I start to do it it comes off at a 50% rate as opposed to the 90% idea that I have.

It’s even more apparent how badly I am because I live with someone who is amazing at these things. One of the items I painted one side and she painted the other, and I tried really hard to do it well, and it is a 180 difference.

I remember my art teacher’s would look at me say “Interesting…” and walk away. You know because my idea was good, but my execution is terrible. I don’t understand why that can be possible…aren’t people with creative idea automatically supposed to be amazing at something artistic?