Money has always been a sore subject for many people. There are people who wish to have it, those who need it, and those who have too much of it. Each of these categories seem to not understand the stresses of the others, because how can someone understand a certain stress if they do not experience it themselves?

I’m the type of person who has been in all three categories, however I had been told that I’m on the the “those who wish to have it” category most of my life. One of my old friends told me that I couldn’t understand her because I was never poor and she was. Another old friend said that I got everything I wanted because, essentially, I was in a rich family.

The thing was…I wasn’t really. When I was younger my mother was on the poverty line and she was getting child support. The things that I wanted to get were not expensive, because I rarely asked for expensive things until I was a teenager…I got what I wanted, and was given amazing clothes for christmas, but I was never rich. We lived in a comfortable environment…and that’s it.

Money is not life….money is a way to exist in society. Money is a way to barter with people – but you don’t always know what a person is actually experiencing until you get to know them. A person can understand poverty even though they appear to be rich, because they may have been in it as a child. A person can understand being rich even though they are homeless. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover and please stop using money as a way to measure life and happiness.