I told my friend about this blog and he said he wanted me to write about words. Specifically words like Moist, Succulent and Salivate. These are words that he enjoys saying and hearing, but many people do not enjoy the sound.

I feel similar to the masses…I do not like the way Moist and Succulent sound, or the way it’s being said in my mouth. I think I understand why many people dislike the word Moist…possibly because it sounds like it’s definition. Is it really the way the letters sound, or is it because we don’t like the feeling of it when we’re describing and object?

So…I looked up rhymes. I found that Joist and Foist gave me a weird feeling in my mouth, but Hoist, Rejoiced and Voiced do not.  However…none of them make me feel weird and make me want to wince for saying it. So…I believe that it might be the definition that is causing the reaction rather than the actual ways it’s being said.

Then we have words like Succulent. Again in the definition of the word we see “moist and tasty” or “Juicy”. Personally I haven’t heard the word that often, except when an evil character in a movie was saying that something was just so succulent. You know…being manipulatively nice. So, the reason I dislike that word is because of who used it. The fictional characters that gave me the creeps, and so now I make that connection. Wince city.

The brain is wired from individual experiences, memories, and genes. Through our experiences we create responses to something and we might not even understand why, until we sit down and think about it. The way that words sound could be because of our memories, and the association we have with that word.

I think that would be way cooler than anything else.