I got on the computer to play some games, and my cat jumped on the desk to get attention, basically as soon as I started to play, and she hadn’t tried to get my attention since I’ve been home. It made me start to think about attention and when cats, or people, really want it.

I’ve noticed that I always seek attention from my family when they are doing something else. It’s not like a toddler, but I’m more likely to talk to them if they are focused on a television show, or on their tablet, than if we sit quietly. I’ve also experienced, and read about, families who sit down for dinner – they rarely talk. There are some people who seek attention by talking constantly, but most people just sit and eat. However, when there is a television around there is more likely to be conversation, or attention seeking behaviors.

Is this because there is something to talk about, or is it because we are feeling ignored by someone? Does feeling ignored for a moment cause us to want more attention, or do we want attention before we are feeling ignored…If we feel ignored, at all?

To me these are interesting questions to consider. I’ve grown out of that constant need for attention, the kind that annoyed the crap out of my friends and family. But I still sometimes feel that I’m being ignored, and I seek attention from people who are close to me. I think everyone does this. It’s that social part of our brain that many people ignore on a daily basis, or they use books and strangers on the internet to pacify it.

I guess I think cats know what and how to get what they want more than humans.