Right before I started writing this I organized my music files. I moved, listened, and deleted the music so it was exactly how I wanted it in my phone. That way I can listen to the music I love every now and then.


It’s one of the things I really enjoy doing , but I honestly never do it. But when I do organize books, movies, music, folders, paper I have such a blast that I’ll do it until it is exactly right. I could do it for hours if I wanted to…but I rarely think of it. I think doing that on a regular basis would keep me motivated.

But why don’t I think of it?

It could be laziness, which is valid, but doesn’t laziness have to do with not doing something you were planning on doing it? Isn’t it one of those “Oh, I don’t feel like it today”.  It’s not like I stopped myself from doing it, I just didn’t think about it at the time…or maybe that’s our brain. Maybe laziness changes the way the brain works and stops you from thinking about how those post-its don’t line up, or the painting on the wall isn’t completely straight…or how your clothes aren’t stacked up in colors.

I decided to look up the difference between OCD and laziness. I chose to compare the two because in my mind OCD can be a compulsive need to organize and keep things aligned, while laziness doesn’t. Also, OCD is a disorder that has been researched and you can actually find scientific information.

My little research in the past five or ten minute led me to believe that serotonin plays a role in organization vs. laziness. So, I suppose the reason I am feeling joy when I am organizing things is because my serotonin levels are in balance at the time. But the reason I forget to do it, or don’t think about it, is because my serotonin levels are normally out of whack and in abundance.

Maybe I’m on to something?

Who knows…