Today is my grandmother’s birthday. On this day I told her that I would write every day which should encourage my motivation and creativity. Since she just wants the best in me, the fact that I’m writing on her birthday is sort of a present to her and myself. You know, with the added present of what I actually got her for her birthday. Not the bullshit reason for writing.

One of the things she doesn’t want is to mention her age. She says that she wants to stay the same age she was, and doesn’t like that she’s getting older. It adds to my realization that many times the birthday is about aging one more year. When I was a child we would sing “How old are you?” and once we got to the number we would blow out the candle. It stopped once the counting became redundant and annoying, which made me feel old. Also, my most recent birthday my father said in his message to me “So this is your last year” essentially, I am going to always be this age until I don’t look it anymore. It kind of put a damper on the day, and made me feel a lot older than I really am.

The thing is ….birthdays shouldn’t be about your age. While you do get older each year, and it is a marker on your age – it should also be your day. Even though there are thousands of people who share your birthday, it is still the time when you came into this world and it’s your day of celebration. Take that day off from work, or go on a vacation on that weekend. Make it yours….because as you age you really need a day for just yourself and even though it might be hard to schedule it in a busy lifestyle, just remember that each year there is a special holiday for just you already scheduled.

I wish birthdays were more about that than growing older. Don’t you think it could help people appreciate and love themselves just a bit more?