For years I have been learning about education. I was actually planning on becoming a teacher from my life, but after traumatic circumstances I changed my path. However, right after I graduated I went straight into a field that actually went with teaching, and so had to take a couple of classes around education. This is when I reviewed the list of multiple intelligences.

  • Verbal/Linguistic
  • Logical/Mathematical
  • Musical
  • Visual/Spatial
  • Body/Kinesthetic
  • Interpersonal
  • Intrapersonal

Every person who excel in the first five intelligences on this list are usually considered gifted and talented in some respect. For example, excelling in Body/Kinesthetic intelligence usually produces athletes who on average are well liked by their peers, teachers and society. We can see these people getting scholarships for colleges, or becoming a star (insert sport here) player.

Obviously we can see the logical/mathematical intelligence are the doctors, scientists etc. The visual/spatial are the architects, sculptors and probably painters. The musical are the entertainers. There are many ways for society to see the excellence that is with these five intelligences. We go to museums to see the visual/spatial sculptors across the world. We go to concerts just to hear a person sing beautifully. Sports games to watch people dunk, throw, and hit balls across the field. We trust the doctors with our lives, and listen to scientists about everything.

Then we have the last two intelligences, which I think should be together. Generally speaking they are not seen much in society. These are teachers, counselors, ministers, poets…and of course other professions. A person who is Interpersonally gifted can empathetically read a person, and help them with what they’re going through. However, there is a stigma with these professions. When a person needs mental help the first thing they say is “I don’t need a counselor”…but they do. They need help understanding their intrapersonal self, and the only way to do that is to talk to someone who has empathy, and can help you understand yourself.

Not to mention a child who is interpersonally/intrapersonally gifted does not get the same recognition for it as someone who has one of the other seven intelligences. I am one of those people. I’m not saying that I’m gifted, but that’s my intelligence on this list. I was never good with words, numbers, music, sports, sculpting etc. but I could usually read what was behind the words.  I am able to understand myself and my feelings about issues. I am able to read people’s expressions and understand the basic thing they’re feeling/thinking at that moment. I can even read photos sometimes if I stare into a person’s eyes long enough.  I can tell if someone is sad, or happy at that point in time. I assume many people can do this, but I believe it is part of the interpersonal aspect.

Even though I am able to do this, and I have proven myself on multiple occasions. I still get the “oh you’re probably wrong” or “You’re just looking too much into it” etc. I don’t see that with people who can do math in their head in 2.5 seconds, or scientists who explain their hypotheses. This might seem like a random comparison, but my point is that understanding a person and yourself is seen as crazy/irrational over understanding numbers and science.

I just feel like if we allowed the people who have a better chance at understanding others, or to help others understand themselves, talk to society as a whole then we will stop historical re-occurrences and become better. You know like Martin Luther King Jr. did with “I have a dream”.