I was going to write about technology because I had a horrible time trying to print out a bloody form. However, as I was writing I realized that it was literally just complaining about how technologically incompetent I can be. It didn’t really have any insightful, meaningful, or conversational aspects involved. It was literally just a bunch of complaints. Which isn’t what I’m going for in this website. If I was going to just complain the entire time then I would write in a journal.

So, instead I’ll talk about complaining.

As we all know, complaining can help a person express their frustration over a situation. It’s a tension-relieving activity that can annoy the crap out of the people who are hearing it. While many people do not intend to annoy their friends – it’s something that can’t be helped at times. The feeling of safety along with needing to release negativity creates a lovely foundation for complaints.

It can suck when you’re very trustworthy, because you’re going to get complaints by acquaintances along with your best friend.

We see people complaining about everything that they hate, and it becomes news. Many ignore the complaints from others because they are so focused on themselves that they don’t recognize another’s  irritation. They continue to go on about the small vexations in their life and forget to think about another person. Literally, it’s not always because they are selfish, but because they have so much in their mind that they need to get out. They need a time to breathe before they realize how they are monopolizing a conversation.

I know that this may seem like I have a friend that does this to me, but honestly I can be one of those people. It takes me a little while, but I realize how much I talked about my own stresses before asking them how they are doing. It’s a struggle that I’ve been working on for a while now and I think/hope I’m getting better at it. *crosses fingers*

The point I’m trying to make is that people who complain a lot tend to vent. We have to start listening to what we are saying so we can realize when we need to stop talking. You know, so the other person can complain too.