One of the most underrated things for me is Music. I always forget to listen to music because I take it for granted. However when I do listen to it I feel inspired and motivated to do something. There is one artist that really speaks to me and listening to him on repeat makes me want to write a novel. It actually is the reason I was able to write about 90 pages on paper of one particular novel, but because of the immensity of the project moving over to computer – and the inability to write for more than 15 minutes at a time puts me at a standstill.

Literally, I write these in under 15 minutes. I don’t really know how to get myself to write more than that without sounding like a lunatic. Sometimes I think it would be easier to be blind because you don’t re-read what you’ve written and then edit it as you’re writing. That’s my problem. When I’m writing out my thoughts, as you see here, I can just keep going as I’m typing. When I’m writing an actual story though? I’m editing and proofreading as I go. It’s frustrating, and I only know one way to get out of it.


Music makes me focus on something besides what I had previously written. It forces my mind to be in the emotion that I need for the particular moment. It takes me out of my own self and brings me into this writing machine. Once it’s over I start thinking about what should be written next, or what I should have done in the past. It literally just happened right now.

Why can’t I just remind myself to write while listening to music? Is there a better way to get yourself to do things? I know people say that if you have passion for it you are going to do it, but passion can be procrastinated. Passion can be set aside because you’re trying to get better and make it perfect. Passion can be sidestepped to make sure that your life has a foundation and that you have the ability to follow it. It’s not something that is always going to move you and make you do it for hours. It has it’s limits, even though I wish it wouldn’t.

However, Music can make you do it. Music can keep you motivated for a long period of time. Every song brings a different level of excitement and longevity to what you’re trying to achieve. It brings me into a mode that enables creativity and that what I need to remember on a daily basis. I need to remember to listen to a song when I wake up, or when I’m feeling down. When I am wanting to write…or basically do anything.

Why can’t I, on a daily basis, remember that this is how music makes me feel?