This is a term that is considered a bad thing to be, and it is. It’s a term that many people don’t want to be called and if they are then they will become very defensive. I had a friend who was just as lazy as I am, but she was in denial about it. When I mentioned how we need to fix our laziness her response “Well..I wouldn’t call it lazy.”

We didn’t clean our rooms for a month or so….that’s not lazy?

It’s something I have to work through everyday. The reason I am not writing in this blog on a regular basis is 1. Lazy 2. Procrastination. I believe both of those go hand in hand, but the latter is more acceptable. It’s okay to admit to procrastination because everyone does it, and you’re going to do it eventually. It’s not okay to admit to laziness because it’s just not. I can’t really explain the reasoning behind it except for the connotation of the word.

The problem with it not being acceptable is that you’re now in denial. You are denying that the reason you are procrastinating is because you’re being lazy. Denial makes it extremely difficult to change. A person is more likely to change their habits of laziness if they admit they are being lazy than they are to change their procrastination habits.

For example…yesterday I was going to write an entry here, and I told myself “Oh…it’s okay I’ll do it later” (procrastination), I didn’t end up doing it. Today, I said the same thing, but then my second thought was “I’m being lazy.” and BAM here I am writing about laziness.

That could be considered lazy because I didn’t have the energy to think of something else, but at least I’m writing. That’s energy in itself.

As people we need to remember that denial is our worst enemy. When we notice something we have to acknowledge it and analyze if it’s actually affecting us. We have to admit to our faults in order to change them, and if we continuously ignore them then we won’t move. We will continue to dig our little hole until we can’t get out.