When I was younger I never truly noticed how quickly people move through the day. It was a common practice that I just never questioned, probably because I didn’t have enough time to process it. In school, we would have 20 minutes for lunch and that’s it. This would include getting in line which could take from 5-10 minutes. That leaves 10-15 minutes of eating time. That’s not a lot of time for your brain to process that it’s actually full.

There has been a lot of discussion about obesity associated with school lunches and how there needs to be a decrease in calories. While it’s important to have a nutritious diet…I also have to wonder if they should increase lunch periods. Just adding ten minutes to a lunch period may decrease obesity rates and increase social activity.

That’s very unlikely to happen though because people are really keen on being fast through the practices that are necessary or automatic. Things like eating, walking, talking, breathing…these are generally done quickly.

I have known too many people who didn’t know how to breathe properly, because they never stopped to feel their body. They never realized how they could easily relieve the tightness or pain with just a single breath. Their breathing was just so quick and a way to exist.

I believe that slowing down just a fraction will increase a person’s experience in life. It would allow them to see things they could never see and relieve stress they try to ignore. Just stop and look around. You might find something that’s beautiful.