Repeating patterns and phrases are common in this world. It’s something that we see, hear, smell and touch on a regular basis but for some reason I have not been able to get myself into a good repetitious activity. You know like exercising every week, having a specific time when you eat, or writing on a regular basis.

Instead I have preschool songs on repeat. As I am writing this right now I have a little voice in my head singing “Days of the week. Days of the week. There’s sunday and there’s monday…etc.” It’s a catchy tune, but I know my days of the week pretty well now.

But it did make me think about how repetition can help or hinder a person. The hindering part can be very minor, but I think there isn’t a middle ground to it. It either gives us patterns to follow which helps us move forward and learn, or it gives us patterns to follow that makes us go in circles. The circles are what I’m doing in this paragraph by repeating the same thing.

I did that on purpose…


My point is that it’s important to create repetitive activities that are helpful for us on a regular basis. We shouldn’t focus on how repetition can so easily be annoying, predictable and unhelpful. Predictability is not always unpleasant because it creates a stable life that allows for spontaneity on other days.

It’s just really hard to change that mindset.


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  1. Awesome content. It’s really inspiring and insightful. I just loved it so much. Thx a lot for posting 😊


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