There are three things I’ve always wanted to do in my profession, or career: Write, Counsel and Teach. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until later in my life that I realized all of these involve a Master’s Degree. Well, except for writing but that takes as much effort, motivation and commitment as a master’s degree, so I’ll count it.

While a Master’s Degree is easy enough to apply for and there are many different ways to pay for it and do well, there are still a lot of factors that are involved. Getting the money to apply for the degree, while trying to find scholarships or loans to afford said degree, then having a job to ensure that you are able to live while pursuing said degree…etc.

All of this creates anxiety and requires motivation. One of which I have a lot of, and the other I do not. Procrastination tends to take that over.

I have to mention that college really takes away my  desire to write. For years I had been trying to finish a novel and actually write on a regular basis, but with the constant essay and need to write on a regular basis – it really made writing a chore. College, for me, takes away the joy of writing a sentence and makes it all about the grammar.

It takes a lovely sentence and marks it up because it doesn’t make perfect sense. Or the transitions are not as lovely as they could be because I’m writing as I think. While proofreading is essential for books, essays, blogs etc. there are some times when you just get fried.  I admire the people who can advance in their writing while creating essay after essay. The college students who still have the desire to create stories on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis are idols to me.

I guess that’s the motivation that I am trying to get through this blog.