Rejection is a common occurrence because everyone experiences it. There are some people who are able to deal with rejection as easily as dealing with eating a piece of pie, but it takes a lot out of others. People are told to just ‘brush it off’ and ‘let it go’, but sometimes a person cannot get over it enough to move on from the rejection. It takes a month or so to get over that hurdle and go forward in you plans. I couldn’t fathom how actors can get rejected so often and still have the motivation to find another project. Even with passion that negative feeling weighs on a person.

I guess the way I handle it is like how I handle anxiety.  Anxiety is something that I feel on a daily basis and I am able to function with it. I am able to breathe through it and found objects that can help me if need be. I may be swimming through quicksand, but I can always get myself out of it.

So that’s how I can handle rejection. It’s external anxiety that will happen on a regular basis. I will be rejected by employers who I really want to work for and have for a long time. I will be rejected from men who I really want to date, and probably more often than I’d like. I will be rejected from schools that I really want to attend. Understanding that this will happen can make me more appreciative when it doesn’t.

Just like understanding that anxiety will happen will make me more appreciative of myself handling it.