I imagine this title will make people assume I am racist. I have been told many times in my life that if I say this then I will be deemed a racist, and I believed them. I was taught that my white privilege made it so I, basically, could never understand any other culture. There are many things that I cannot do or say as a white person without being considered ignorant, arrogant or racist.

For example, one of my male friends said that they were the problem because they were a ‘white cisgender male’. I said that this doesn’t make them a problem. It’s about the person rather than the race. A response I got was that I was ignorant to colored people’s plights and didn’t understand how white men respond to other races.

The problem I have with this is that they aren’t all white people.

Society is putting race against race, gender against gender, culture against culture, instead of allowing us to be together. To recognize that there are racists but they are not the majority, and they are not the beloved. They are hated by most people, or at least that’s what I see.

I see white people hating their race because of history. White people who wish they were born with different skin tone because of said history. White people who can’t mention race in public, even if it’s the easiest way to describe people, because they think it’s racist. While this is nothing compared to what people of color deal with everyday, I think it’s important to recognize.

This could be why racism still exists.